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INON unique T-shape Twin Flash construction and optimally designed reflecting mirror/prism enable effective light distribution and produce powerful coverage without a diffuser.

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Minimum recycle time at full flash (how fast the strobe is ready to fire just after full flash) is approx. 1.6 sec. The Z-240 unique circuit components carries two sets of fundamental electrical parts (transformer and transistor) to achieve fast recycle time.

The Z-240 offers all advanced features including S-TTL Auto mode which supports TTL Auto exposure control by transmitting built-in flash light to an external strobe and compatibility with Clear Photo System. Optical connection system widely supports from transparent housing for compact digital cameras to a housing for digital SLRs with built-in flash regardless of make or model. Its sync connector accepts Nikonos 5 pin type cable to shoot in TTL Auto mode with a film camera or in Manual/External Auto mode with high end digital SLR not equipped with the built-in flash.

It is simple to fine-tune flash power in S-TTL Auto by dialing the EV Control Switch on the back control panel. Adjustable range is 3 steps to increase and 6 steps to decrease, to suit to personal preference or different exposure control characteristics among camera models.

The Z-240 Type 4 successfully amplifies receiving optical signal from the slave sensor 20 times more comparing to previous Z-240 Type 3 to provide wireless S-TTL Auto mode using a mirror instead of an optical cable. Attaching optional Wireless Connection Kit on the Z-240 Type 4 and combined with a housing via Shoe Base Set or Grip Base D4 Set creates a handy S-TTL Auto shooting set.

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Inon's own site [here]

Inon strobe specifications

Model: INON Z-240 Type4
Strobe Control Mode: S-TTL Auto / External Auto / Manual / TTL Auto / Manual + TTL Auto (*10)
Connection: Wireless connection / Optical D Cable / Optical Cable / Optical D Slave Cable / Electrical Cable
Beam Angle: 100° x 100°circular beam [without a diffuser]
110° x 110°circular beam [with a diffuser]
20°           [Focus Light (LED)]
Color Temp.    5500K    [flash light, without a diffuser]
5400K           [flash light, with supplied diffuser]
Approx.6000K      [Focus Light (LED)]
Recycle Time:
Approx. 1.7 seconds minimum: ["eneloop" batteries (*8)]
Approx. 1.6 seconds minimum: [NiMH batteries (*9)]
Approx. 2.3 seconds minimum: [Alkaline batteries]
Approx. 2.5 seconds minimum: [Lithium 1.5V batteries]
Flash Capacity:
Approx. 240 flashes: ["eneloop" batteries (*8)]
Approx. 320 flashes: [NiMH batteries (*9)]
Approx. 220 flashes: [Alkaline batteries]
Approx. 380 flashes: [Lithium 1.5V batteries]
Focus Light (LED) Operable Duration:
Approx. 2hrs 20 min: ["eneloop" batteries (*8)]
Approx. 2hrs 50 min: [NiMH batteries (*9)]
Approx. 2hrs 00 min: [Alkaline batteries]
Approx. 4hrs 00 min: [Lithium (1.5V) batteries]
Compatible Batteries: AA "eneloop" (HR-3UTG) x 4, or "new generation"NiMH batteries x 4
AA NiMH x 4 [good quality], AA Alkaline x 4, AA Lithium (1.5V) x 4
(Manganese batteries not compatible)
Focus Light Mode: [Single mode]
Dimensions: Diameter: 99mm/3.9in. Height: 122mm/4.8in. Depth: 100mm/3.9in.
Weight[air]: 583g(without batteries)
Depth Rating: 100m / 328ft
Body Material / Color: Polycarbonate resin / gray
Package Contents: Synch Connector Cap, Slave Sensor Cap, -0.5 White Diffuser 2 (TTL/Manual), W40° Filter LE, Red Filter LE, Light Filter Sticker Red, AC Circuit Switch Sticker (Film/Digital), Electrical Connection TTL Sticker, Spare O-ring (Battery Box, Synch Connector), INON Grease, TTL Insulation Plate x 2


Even for shooting wide subject, the Z-240 delivers strong strobe light to an entire area without using a diffuser which suppresses strobe power.
Description: STROBE INON Z-240 Type 4
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Manufacturer: Inon