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INON unique T-shape Twin Flash construction and optimally designed reflecting mirror/prism enable effective light distribution and produce powerful coverage without a diffuser.

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The D-2000 offers highly accurate S-TTL Auto mode by transmitting built-in flash light to an external strobe regardless of make or model of camera. The S-TTL Auto does not require any complicated setting. You do not have to buy new strobe when you upgrade from point & shoot digital camera to digital SLR camera.

The D-2000 offers semi-automatic 24 step External Auto mode with 1/4EV. increments which determines strobe output based on onboard sensor to use for a particular situation where S-TTL Auto does not provide satisfied result, and supports professional needs as well by its 13 step Manual mode with 1/2EV. increments. Conventional TTL exposure control is also supported for film camera system.

The Focus Light assists focusing in dark underwater without influence on an image by shutter-linked auto OFF feature. The Type 4 has upgraded 180 lumen LED to benefit you to use as independent diving flashlight as well.

S-TTL Auto mode provides great usability beyond traditional TTL with its fine flash output adjustment simply by dialing the EV. Control Switch on the back control suits to your real (preferable) correct exposure or to compensate slightly different exposure program among different camera model. Besides standard exposure setting, flash output can be adjusted at three steps to increase and five steps to decrease for more usability over conventional TTL.

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Inon D-2000 strobe specifications

Model: INON D-2000 Type4
Strobe Control Mode: S-TTL Auto / External Auto / Manual / TTL Auto (*10)
Connection: Wireless connection / Optical D Cable / Optical Cable / Optical D Slave Cable
Focus Light (LED) Intensity:    180lm (*4)
Beam Angle: 100° x 100° circular beam [without a diffuser]
110° x 110° circular beam [with a diffuser]
20°             [Focus Light (LED)]
Color Temp: 5500K      [flash light,without a diffuser]
5400K         [flash light,with a diffuser]
Approx. 6000K      [Focus Light (LED)]
Recycle Time:
Approx. 1.8 seconds minimum: ["eneloop" batteries (*8)]
Approx. 1.8 seconds minimum: [NiMH batteries (*9)]
Approx. 2.3 seconds minimum: [Alkaline batteries]
Approx. 2.5 seconds minimum: [Lithium 1.5V batteries]
Flash Capacity:
Approx. 420 flashes: ["eneloop" batteries (*8)]
Approx. 520 flashes: [NiMH batteries (*9)]
Approx. 400 flashes: [Alkaline batteries]
Approx. 660 flashes: [Lithium 1.5V batteries]
Dimensions: Diameter: 99mm / 3.9in Height: 122mm / 4.8in Depth: 100mm / 3.9in
Weight[air]: 544g / 19.2oz (without batteries)
Depth Rating: 100m / 328ft
Body Material / Color: Polycarbonate resin / red
Package Contents: Magnet, Magnet Screw, Magnet Screw Tighter, Spare O-ring (Battery Box), INON Grease, Light Filter Sticker·Red


Even for shooting wide subject, the D-2000 delivers strong strobe light to an entire area without using a diffuser which suppresses strobe power.
Description: STROBE INON D-2000 TYPE4
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Manufacturer: Inon