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SONY a6500/a6300/a6000 S&S

SONY a6500/a6300/a6000 S&S

The much awaited housing from Sea&Sea, the MDX-a6500 / a6300 & a6000 Sony mirrorless camera.

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Underwater housing Sea&Sea MDX-a6500 with interchangeable lens port system, compatible with both the Sony a6500, α6300 and the Sony α6000 replacing accessory rubber caps. The underwater weight has improved due to a more precise machining method. Explore a whole new world of underwater photography with the new MDX-a6300 housing, this case provides water resistance to depths of 75 metres.

The housing is made from carefully selected aircraft grade aluminum alloy and premium grade stainless steel. It is machined on the latest 5 axis computer assisted machines available, and is protected by anodizing it. While anodizing will protect the housing from the environment, it will fade and discolor if left exposed to the elements, and so for further protection.

Precise shaping is achieved through laser cutting tools, all controls shafts are double O-ring sealed, all push buttonshave Quad-ring seals, and every shaft and push button are manufactured to a mirror smooth surface that meets strictest standards. All of this is done to achieve the standard 330ft/100 meter.

No matter what the diving conditions are, you remain in control of the situation with the Sea&Sea MDX-a7II. The thickest of cold water gloves or the smallest of bare hands will not be hindered by the layout. All functions are identified with pad printed paint for quick visual identification and to eliminate the frustration of searching for relocated controls.

Dual optical strobe connectors come standard with the housing, and can fit all popular optical cords on the market. Connecting any S-TTL strobe on the market is a breeze and will give spot on TTL exposure via the cameras built in flash circuitry. Even with the extremely compact size of this housing, Sea&Sea has managed to build in a quick access, one finger operated, internal flash control lever that brings the camera built-in flash up and down. This allows for quickly alternating between strobe illuminated and ambient light photography. For users of more classic strobe connectivity or those that prefer electrically connected TTL converters, the housing can be fit with a classic Nikonos type connector.

Viewing on the MDX-a6500 is through a Galileo type eyepiece. This high quality coated optical finder gives a bright and full view of the camera’s viewfinder.

The housing is also available in Orange #06185A and Light Blue #06186A. Please specify when ordering your housing.

SEA&SEA'S own site [here]
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Port charts
Acrylic Dome Port Chart
Optical Dome Port Chart
Internal Correction Lens Chart


Compatible with ML ports
All the camera's functions can be used underwater
Equipped with two accessory bulkheads. Vacuum leak sensor such as the Leak Sentinel (optional) and/or strobe connector (optional) can be fitted.
Controls which are often used underwater such as the shutter release lever and control dial are located right-hand side of the housing for easy operation.
As equipped with three tripod screw holes in the bottom, the Grip Stay L ll and Sea Arm 8 camera tray + grip can be attached
ML hand strap is available for users who do not use any housing tray or alike.
Equipped with two Fiber-optic cable sockets.
The camera's LCD monitor can be tilted by 10 degrees.
All switches have luminescent label (sticker).
LCD Monitor Hood with Lens (optional) can be fitted with accessory bracket coming with the housing.
Conventional Leak Sensor (optional) can be fitted. The LED will be located at the rear window.
Equipped with two sacrificial zinc diodes (one on the front and the other on the rear cases).


SONY a6500/a6300/a6000 S&S

UW-Housing from Sea&Sea for Sony a6500, a6300 & a6000 ML camera
Description: HOUSING S&S MDX-A6500/6300/6000 ML
Price: 19 200 SEK/st
Partno: 06182A (Add to Wish list )
Manufacturer: Sea&Sea