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On location, the usability of this system is unmatched. Set up and tear down in minutes, Battery and media changes while the camera is mounted in the housing, and lens swaps in seconds. The small size and light weight dramatically decrease resistance in water, especially when freediving.

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Quick Setup and Tear Down

The entire Epic LT system can be assembled in a matter of minutes! A top mounted Arri Dovetail Plate use used to mount the camera in the housing, and an intermediate "block" interfaces between the SWITCHBLADE Module and the housing. Controls need to be preset when installing the camera, and the camera can even be installed with Red's quick release plate mounted on the bottom.

Tool Free Lens & Port Changes

Lens changes are also incredibly simple, requiring no tools, and able to be accomplished in a matter of minutes (or a minute?). The patented Nauticam Port Locking Lever allows ports to be attached and removed without twisting, and lock securely in place on the housing. Even extension rings lock, meaning a port is always firmly in place, with no twisting or play. An external lens release button allows EF lenses to be removed while the camera is installed in the housing.

Epic LT shares the same expansive port system as all other Nauticam Digital SLR Housings. This lineup is unmatched in our industry, with four optically coated glass dome ports ranging in size from 140mm - 250mm in diameter, four acrylic dome sizes, numerous flat ports, and extension rings to precisely match the placement of these ports with the lens used.

Vacuum System

The Nauticam Check & Leak Detection System provides complete peace of mind that the housing is sealed, and camera safe before, during, and after the dive. The system constantly monitors the vacuum status, even while in the water, and uses sophisticated temperature compensation to avoid fals alarms. The reassuring Green LED provides peace of mind, and easy to understand error codes alert in the event of a problem.

Housing Includes Electronics, Vacuum Valve, and Hand Pump as Standard Equipment

Other Required Components:

RED Mini-Mag Side SSD Module or DSMC 1.8'' Side SSD Module
A Power Solution
REDVOLT XL Module & 1xREDVOLT XL Battery
Anton Bauer Dionic HC & Gold Mount Plate
Small V-Mount Battery (like PAGLink PL96) & V-Mount Plate

More information:
Nauticam's own site [here]


Weight - Under 7kg
Dimensions - 305 x 335 x 200mm (305 x 244 x 200mm without handles)


Built around Nauticam's N120 DSLR Port Mount, and compatible with dozens of Canon EF Lenses, Epic LT is capable of being packed in a carry on backpack that can fit "under the seat in front of you."
Description: HOUSING NAUT RED NA-RED EPIC/SCARLETx Inc. N200 250mm wide angle, E.R. 30, 40, 50
Price: 115 950 SEK/st
Partno: 16106 (Add to Wish list )
Manufacturer: Nauticam