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Date: 2013-10-18 15:05
Author: Patrik Karlsson

Ikelite UW housing GH-3


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Other housings simply waterproof your camera. An Ikelite Smart Housing improves your photos.
TTL or "Through-The-Lens" flash metering means the camera controls flash duration to properly expose an image. Only Ikelite Smart Housings are able to tell your camera that a TTL external flash is attached, allowing the camera to adjust exposure more accurately.
If proper exposure is so important... Shouldn't it be easier to adjust your strobe settings?
With a Smart Housing, it is. Exposure adjustments directly through the back of the housing put the perfect shot within reach every time. Tweak your exposure or take total control without taking your hand off of your housing.
Thoughtfully designed for ergonomic handling.
Controls are customized to put all important camera functions within comfortable reach. Unlike other  housings, we bring video record start/stop and AF lock out to the  side of the housing for quick access using your thumb without taking a hand off of the handles.
Quality in engineering, manufacturing and service.
Like every Ikelite product, the 6860.03 housing for the Panasonic Lumix GH3 is designed, built and tested in the USA. We use locally sourced, top-grade materials from trusted vendors we've been working with for decades. Our housings are built by hand and individually tested for fit, function and waterproof integrity. The average assembly technician is a certified scuba diver and has over 16 years of experience building Ikelite products. We back our products with over 50 years of experience and service within the dive industry.
More information about the product [here]


Date: 2013-10-11 10:00
Author: Magnus Lundgren


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The most versatile and highest performing strobe SEA&SEA has manufactured in 40 years!
Now in stock! The YS-D1 sets a new standard for underwater strobes. From subtle light output as low as guide number 1 to maximum guide number 32, control  of underwater light has become effortless with the YS-D1.The strobe is compatible with both state-of-the-art digital SLR cameras  and digital point-and-shoots compact camera systems.
Equipped with SEA&SEA’s new slave TTL system called “DS-TTL ll”. Powered by only four AA batteries, the YS-D1 offers a maximum light  output of guide number 32. The YS-D1 is the world’s first slave TTL strobe equipped with an exposure compensation (EV) control function. Ergonomically positioned three-color LED indication lamp.
For more information found [internal link here]


Date: 2013-10-01 14:50
Author: Patrik Karlsson


Ikelite Substrobe DS-161 

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Brightest, smoothest coverage
In a real world, side-by-side comparison, the DS161 remains one of the brightest strobes on the market. More importantly, the quality of light is exceptional due to a round flashtube and reflector designed specifically to delivery the softest, most even coverage possible. The DS161 remains the favorite of pros worldwide for delivering a warm light without needing to add a light-dimming diffuser.
Built-in video light
The most convenient and cost effective way to add video lighting to your camera rig. The diffused 500 lumen beam is perfect for close-up video and focusing. Adjustable brightness in 10 settings plus SOS mode for emergency situations.
The new battery means: more flashes, faster recycling...
State of the art Li-Ion battery technology produces over 450 full power flashes at an unprecedented 1.4 second recycle time.

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